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Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

While walking on the soft fabric in your homes and workplace give a sense of fulfilment and contentment, have you ever thought about the microscopic particles hiding deep down the thick fabric? Dust, bacteria, grime and other allergens that do not catch your naked eye, have the potential of harming your health in ways you can’t imagine.

This is why at Superking Cleaning, we encourage all our clients to avail our carpet steam cleaning services. We are committed to ensuring the cleanliness of your carpets. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about the germs and grimes that play hide and seek with you.

Importance of steam cleaning your carpets

Preserve fabric look and quality

No house or office can ever look spic and span if the carpets are untidy. While vacuuming your carpets does help in removing the dirt off your carpet fabric, a deep clean such as steam carpet cleaning is essential to remove the tougher stains on your costly carpet. With Superking Cleaning’s service, you’ll have the opportunity of preserving the original look and quality of your carpet for a lifetime. The catch, after our cleaning services, you’d feel proud to show your neighbours to your houses and entertain unannounced callers because of the enhanced beauty of your home caused by our impeccable carpet steam cleaning services.

Prevent your carpet from smelling

Imagine walking to a smelling office. Do you think you’d secure more clients if they’d have to soil their feet by walking on your soiled carpet?

Now, imagine your neighbour next door calling in, only to faint at your doorstep, because your carpet is stinking awfully.

While you may not realise that your carpet has begun to smell, since you are so used to living in the same environment that you fail to notice the stench, trust us, homes with pets and small children have this problem of stinking carpets.

With pets pooping, infants puking and peeing, carpets are prone to encounter unwanted smells. Besides routine cleanings, only steam cleaning would help in removing the stench.

Protect yourself from germs

Your carpets are susceptible to soiling which promotes the breeding of harmful germs. Grimes are significant spots that favour the nurturing of allergens and bacteria. You wouldn’t want to expose your employees or your loved ones to such dangerous pollutants, would you?

We suppose not. This is why we provide steam cleaning for your carpets and encourage you to take it seriously.

Benefits of steam cleaning your carpets

Devoid of chemicals

Our steam cleaning mechanism is devoid of all harmful chemicals. We only harness the power of water in its gaseous form at a high temperature to effectively clean your carpet. So, you don’t have to worry about skin irritation and other allergies caused by chemicals.

Dries fast

We all know how fast steam evaporates. In a much similar manner, the steam produced during the cleaning process volatilizes quickly. This will prevent surfaces such as wood that are sensitive to moisture from deteriorating.

Dirt free

Normal vacuuming is only a surface level cleaning and can’t take away stuck-on messes. Only with deep cleaning, you will be able to take away gum, wax, paint, drink spills, glue, etc.

Disinfects naturally

Our steam cleaning process not only tidies up your carpet but it also acts as a natural disinfectant. The high temperature from the steam cleaner kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. Therefore, no worries about infections.

Deep cleans

In comparison to mops and wet rags, steam can effectively reach cracks and crooks, and penetrate the porous surface of your carpets. Further, steam cleaning can also help in tellingly removing the grout between carpet edges and wall marges.

Seven reasons your carpet needs Superking Cleaning’s steam cleaning service

  • We inspect your carpet to deduce information about fibre identity and pre-spotting to arrive at the best way of proceeding with carpet cleaning.
  • We are equipped with cutting edge technology.
  • Our cleaners are not ordinary merchants, they are skilled and experienced technicians in carpet steam cleaning.
  • We give adequate care and special treatment for plush carpets
  • We are affordable and we live by the saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. So, rest assured of top-notch quality.
  • We offer profitable deals and other beneficial schemes.
  • We keep in trends with the industry standards and are committed to delivering the best of the best.

Let’s clean up your carpets!

Are you ready to show-off your ambience to your neighbour next door?

Are you game to attract new business deals in your clean office?

Are you ready to give your loved ones a hygienic place to live in?

Look no further than Superking Cleaning. We are here to make your lives cleaner and healthier. Drop us a message, we’ll get in touch with you.

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