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A bathroom fills a pivotal role in any home and is one of the most prominent places that is susceptible to the accumulation of germs. This is strange as a bathroom is where one usually cleans themselves! As such, it is pretty evident why the bathroom should always be kept clean and free from germs as much as possible.

Unlike most rooms which usually include floor area and furniture, a bathroom is composed of several unique elements. In fact, it is quite possibly the “room” with the most intricate and unique features within its area. Consider this: you can use an armchair as well as a bed for sitting or even falling asleep. Coming to the kitchen, you can store utilities in the fridge, the cupboards or even the kitchen slab. But when you think of the bathroom, it has a certain number of elements, each of which serve a particular function. More importantly, each of them has high vulnerability to germs and bacteria. Which is why, bathroom cleaning is an absolute priority.

Let us see how each component of a bathroom counts and how vital is it to clean them:

Toilet Seat and Commode

Both defecation and urination touch the ceramic surface of the commode on a regular basis. While the commode is designed to be as chemically inert as possible, it is important to flush the faeces and urine off immediately. Prolonged stay not only builds up a foul odour, but also makes the toilet a hotbed of disease causing bacteria. Frequent cleaning by using a toilet cleaner brush and disinfectant is strongly advisable.

It is also worth noting that flushing with the lid open leads to the spraying of harmful germs, bacteria and more often than not, the contents of the flush into the air. So it’sa healthy practice to close the lid while flushing.

Bathroom Floor

The very platform over which the bathroom stands, the bathroom floor is always prone to contamination by dirty water or your feet in itself. The fact that the bathroom floor is mostly cold and moist, makes it all the more easy for germs to thrive. While these conditions can’t be avoided, cleaning with a disinfectant at least once a well would ensure that the floor is not paying homage to a rising cultivation of germs and bacteria.


An ideal place to relax, the bathtub is as vulnerable as the toilet seat when it comes to contamination. The tub should always be kept be kept as clean and dry as possible. While the tub is usually attended to, the drain, shower curtain and handles are often neglected. Once again, these should be completely dry and cleaned to make sure that there is no contamination of germs, bacteria or residue.


Perhaps the most neglected of all elements in a bathroom, a tap is always touched by dirty hands but hardly ever cleaned after use. A tap is almost compulsorily used in a bathroom and it becomes crucial to keep it clean. People touch already existing germs on the surface of taps and carry it with them even after they leave the bathroom. This habit is responsible for several health risks. Cleaning with a mild disinfectant and drying them in a regular basis helps to give the final touch if cleanliness and safety to the bathroom.

Superking Cleaning makes your bathroom clean and safe

A bathroom mostly includes the loo as well. It is one such area that a human being uses every single day. Superking Cleaning understands how important it is to ensure that this space is completely clean at every single occasion that you use it. Be it taking a bath, defecation, urination or simply washing your hands, we believe that there should be absolutely no compromise in leaving germs and bacteria astray. We aim to not just make bathrooms super clean, but also ensure that it is hygienic and safe to use for anyone. One should leave the bathroom cleaner, not being suddenly sick!

The Superking Cleaning promise:

  • Your bathtub is always a delight to indulge in and never forms a hub for generating germs and bacteria. You can soak in without shedding any worry of falling sick.
  • The bathroom floor, whether it is made up of tiles or marble, is free from dirt and contamination of harmful microorganisms.
  • Our cleaners are 100% eco-friendly and safe.
  • There is absolutely no harmful chemical residue or toxic accumulation left from our cleaners on any part of your bathroom.
  • The taps are shiny as new and old deposits of fluoride or calcium through water is eliminated. We also ensure that the mouth of the tap is free from dirt, slime, algae growth and germs.
  • Grout is porous and houses millions of bacteria and other micro-organisms that can cause serious health conditions. Professional cleaning uses technologically advanced equipments that can effectively suck out and cleanse the deepest of pores
  • Superking Cleaning uses tile friendly cleaners that does not produces fumes and cause ceramic corrosion. This way, your tiles remain in good health
  • The toilet seat and commode are s good as new and all stains are removed completely. Our cleaners prevent the deposition and thriving of germs till the next clean-up session.

Superking Cleaning offers bathroom cleaning solutions that ensure good health,  freshness after every use and impeccable hygiene even days after the clean-up!

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