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High Water Pressure Cleaning

A tidy property promotes an aesthetic feeling while providing a safe and healthy environment to abide in. Nonetheless, the standard cleaning methodologies involve the usage of chemicals and manual labour, that, it is not always suitable to fetch the desired results.

Here is where Superking Cleaning provides a better alternative to tackle the grime, dirt, and other pollutants that threaten the beauty of your property. Irrespective of whether you own a residential or commercial property, our high water pressure cleaning services are all you need to remove all forms of stubborn dirt.

Our high water pressure cleaning systems utilise water at a pressure between five thousand to ten thousand pounds per square inch. Since water acts as a universal solvent, it is coupled with high pressure to trigger a mechanical action that weakens the bond between the grime and the surface, to effectively scour building roofs, concrete floors, decks, vinyl sidings, awnings, pipes, bridges, and other domestic and commercial structures, with consistent water flow to rinse away the detached dirt.

Depending on the surface that you want us to clean, we would determine the speed and quantum of pressurised water. Allow us now to explain the acute results that our high water pressure cleaning can accomplish for your domestic, commercial, and industrial property.

Let us walk you through the Water Pressure Cleaning services we offer at Superking Cleaning.

We Preserve the Worth of Your Property

All forms of buildings face pressing natural and anthropogenic pollutants such as dust, smoke, mould, grime, and grease. This results in the deterioration of the external surfaces of the buildings. When left unattended, these polluting elements can damage the walls and exterior paint of your properties, which in turn, lowers the worth of your property, making it hard for property managers to sell their buildings.

But our high water pressure cleaning systems would effectively clean all the grime and preserve the appearance of your property, thus, facilitating the sales process with better profits.

We Prepare Property Surfaces for Woodworking

Decorative arts and other woodworking works require streamlined cleaning. Crevices and cracks need to be reached to prepare the surfaces for painting and refinishing purposes.

Our high water pressure cleaning systems ensure the compatibility of decks and other surfaces to be worked on for refurnishing tasks.

We Provide You with a Healthy Ambience

During winter, algae, moulds, and other allergens are liable to get accumulated in your property. This not only damages your property but it also poses health threats to you and your loved ones.

If you encountered employees or family members coughing or sneezing often, with watery eyes, even when it is not the hay fever season, let us inform you that they are the outward expressions of the inward allergies caused by the accumulated pollutants.

Our high water pressure cleaning services would keep the inmates of your property safe. By nurturing a hygiene environment, we are helping your family members live a happy life and your employees to be more productive at work.

House Pressure Washing

  • Soft and pressure cleaning roofs dependent on the roof material
  • Removing oil stains, grease, grime in the driveways
  • High-pressure cleaning of fence, patio, decks, and awnings
  • Cleaning bricks, concrete floors, and weatherboards
  • Pressure cleaning garden paths and furniture

Roof Pressure Washing

  • Clearing naturally accumulated roof debris
  • Cleaning dirt and grime from the rooftops, surfaces, and crevices
  • Removing watermarks
  • Sanitising and washing mould build-ups

Commercial High Water Pressure Cleaning Sites

  • Carparks
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Outdoor parks
  • Council buildings
  • Other commercial and industrial buildings

Talk to Professional Pressure Cleaners

Our patent cleaning services ensure customer satisfaction. Being  furnished with trained pressure cleaners and pressure cleaning equipment, we are bound to delivering whiter than white end-results. Schedule an appointment with us and explore what our professional cleaners can do for you.

Driveway Pressure Washing

  • Removing moulds, stains, and debris on-site by high-pressure blasting
  • Eliminating tough stains by eco-friendly detergent pressure washing
  • Expunging weeds by pressure blasting

Awning Pressure Washing

  • Pressure cleaning awning debris such as twigs, and leaves
  • Cleansing bird and animal muck
  • Pressure blasting dust, cobwebs, mud
  • Treating stains and grout

Our High Water Pressure Cleaning Techniques for Multi-storied Buildings

While cleaning high-rise buildings, special care must be taken to ensure the safety of cleaners. At Superking Cleaning, through our tried and trusted pressure pole technology, our cleaners are stationed at the ground level itself to carry out the cleaning task. Having the pole designed to be able to reach up to twenty-one meters of height, we are assured of our pressure cleaner’s safety while providing impeccable cleaning services. We also endorse the following techniques in high-rise building cleaning:

  • Scissor lift cleaning
  • High ladder cleaning
  • Abseiling
  • Cherry picker cleaning

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