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One Off Cleaning Services

In a fast-paced world, celebrations are remarkable breathers. House parties are welcomed with such eagerness and excitement. But thoughts of the cleaning required afterwards potentially simmer down the enthusiasm of the hosts.

We understand that the aftermath cleaning of any mega-event is an arduous task. Be it a party for a group of twenty or a group of hundreds of twenty, pre-party or post-party cleanings are daunting.

But you no longer need to worry about mega-event cleaning. At Superking Cleaning, we offer once-off cleaning services to take up the arduous task of aftermath event cleaning, so that you can party harder, while we can clean hardest for you.

Grab the opportunity to party harder by allowing us to clean the hardest!

Let us now enlighten on how Superking Cleaning’s once-off cleaning will make your lives easier.

We help you catch up with regular cleaning!

While you get stranded at work and have no feasibility of following your regular cleaning schedule, our once-off cleaning offers you a magical way of catching up with the lost routine.

Our professional cleaners will help you accomplish a bright home in just one visit. You can then pick up from where you stopped last.

We encourage you to have relaxed celebrations!

From being the star of a party, hosts can transition to frustrated homeowners. Though celebrations are exciting, the cleaning that’s required afterwards is equally crushing.

Hiring a professional hand such as Superking Cleaning will help you enjoy the party with no fear of before or after-party cleaning. We offer thorough and detailed deep clean to ensure that your homes and conference halls look presentable upon the arrival of your guests.

We value your time and money!

We understand the value of your time and money. The paramount of time and effort that you put into cleaning can be effectively invested elsewhere that’ll cause you to be more productive and fetch you more dough.

When you avail Superking Cleaning’s once-off cleaning service, you will be able to create a flexible work schedule and spend your energy sensibly.

Preferable Events to Avail Superking Cleaning’s Once-Off Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning Between Lets
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Christmas Cleaning
  • Before/After Party And Mega-Events
  • Before/After Weddings And Other Festive Ceremonies

Superking Cleaning’s Once-Off Domestic Cleaning Services

Our once-off domestic cleaning services come to the aid of people who have no time for cleaning before and after mega-event hosting. Our services are familiar among people who move into new homes and among people who complete their tenancy.

Therefore, irrespective of whether it is just a spring clean, or after-party clean, or end of tenancy and new tenancy clean, Superking’s professional cleaners are equipped to make your living space sparkle.

Through our reasonably priced, fully insured, remarkable cleaning services, our clients have found us reliable and efficient. In just a couple of hours, we’d make the cluttered environment spotless.

Once-Off Domestic Cleaning Standard Package

Take a look at what we can do for you.

  • Deep Dusting and Hoovering
  • Cleaning Kitchen Area and Kitchen Appliances
  • Cleaning and Sanitising Bathrooms and Toilets
  • Polishing Skirtings
  • Cleaning Windows
  • Steam Cleaning Carpets
  • Plush Cushion Cleaning
  • Power Washing


  • Cleaning Countertops
  • Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cleaning Microwave, Stovetops, Kettles, Toasters, and Other Kitchen Appliances
  • Scrubbing Sinks and Taps
  • Cleaning Wall Tiles

Superking Cleaning’s Once-Off Commercial Cleaning Services

Our once-off commercial cleaning services are extended to offices, shops, industrial units, restaurants, showrooms, warehouses, and other commercial units. We also offer after build once-off cleaning, so that you can occupy your newly constructed office with not a broom and scrubbing glove but a briefcase and bow tie.

So, whether you require a deep once-off cleaning before and after conferences, or before and after parties, Superking Cleaning is all you need.

Once-Off Domestic Cleaning Custom Package


  • Scrubbing Taps, Showerheads, and Sinks
  • Removing Limescale And Soap Scums
  • Cleaning and Sanitising Toilets
  • Cleaning Mirrors and Windows
  • Cleaning Bathroom Floors
  • Cleaning Bathroom Cabinets

Throughout The Property

  • Cleaning Interior Windows
  • Cleaning Ground Floor and First-Floor External Windows
  • Cleaning Walls, Doors, Handles
  • Cleaning Wardrobes and Drawers
  • Steam Cleaning Carpets and Floors
  • Polishing Skirting Boards

Once-Off Commercial Cleaning Package


    • Vacuuming and Mopping Floors
    • Vacuuming Carpets, Stairs
    • Cleaning Plush Cushions
    • Dusting Furniture, Windows, and Skirting Boards
    • Removing Cobwebs
    • Emptying Trash
    • Polishing Switchboards and Sockets

The aforementioned points constitute our standard package. But we offer custom packages depending on your needs and the size of your cleaning premises. Contact us for custom packages which would include steam carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning and other stand-alone packages. Our team of experts would do an initial survey of the cleaning area and give you an estimated quotation. You can then add on the specialised packages as per your requirements.

Schedule Your Once-Off Cleaning Now!

We are just a phone call away. Choose whichever package suits you best. Talk to our professionals and get their advice on the issue. We can then execute the once-off cleaning for your homes and offices.

Our clients have found us dependable, and they are very much satisfied with our services. We hope to do the same for you. Give us the chance to clean the hardest!

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