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Roof Tiles Cleaning

The roof that protects us from heat, rain and cold must also be protected from the withering. The roof protects the foundation and interior of the home. Cracks, peeling of paint or even bold development can severely decrease its ability to provide all-season protection.

Aside from this, the roof is also responsible for increasing the visual appeal of the house. With the wide varieties of available roofing options, you not only get to pick the right rooftop that matches the walls but also modify them to provide complete service. Also, the roof tiles guard the house against any dirt and dust from entering. It also prevents water from dripping into the rooms due to its close-packed structure.

But what if your roof tiles are not preventing inward leaks and are in need of immediate attention?

While the roof tiles are always subjected to the constant change in temperature and weather conditions, it is common for them to wear out. Harsh weather conditions rupture a tile’s life and decrease its durability drastically. This opens doors for bacteria, pests and micro-organisms to make their way into your life. These microbes not only damage your ceilings and walls but also pose a serious threat to your health and put your belongings into jeopardy. The worst? Changing weather conditions feel very real when the damage starts to stem within your home.

The adverse effects of damaged or unmaintained roof tiles are:

  • The damage opens space for cold, moss, algae and microbes to grow and attack your belongings
  • Disease-causing bacteria develop quicker than usual
  • Growth of fungus can damage stored food
  • A pest infestation can damage belongings and even have serious effects on health of pets, kids and healthy adults
  • Cause the room to stink while materials slowly rot
  • Lichens growth in roof tiles will support more fungal growth and development
  • Such strong infestations are bound to attract illnesses

Why Superking Cleaners for Roof Tiles Maintenance

Tiles are switched together using grout – a material that pulls tiles and holds them in one place. The grout has a porous structure that allows room for bacterial and microbial growth. While your best attempts with cleaning agents and scrubs may give out shiny tiles, chances are in the process, the layers of grout got damaged. Such cleansing attracts all rooftop problems.

Superking Cleaning understands how important it is to have a roof that doesn’t make you cry whenever you look at it. Our expert and highly professional cleaning techniques employ the best and most hygienic cleaning methods to ensure grout health.

The Superking Cleaning promise

We also actively use complete wipe out methods to get rid of algae, fungus and lichens. With layers of sanitising spray, we eliminate surface conditions for the growth of microbes. This way, your roof tiles not only shine but are also free from any microbial attacks. We repair roof tiles health to ensure they last for many years!

Worried that your roof tiles are sick? Contact us today for a roof tile check-up!

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