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Unclean school premises act as breeding grounds for flu, viruses and other harmful bacteria for the students, teachers and other workers. This is why schools must take cleaning seriously.

By the end of a school day, there are too much the lavatory, snack wrappers in the hallways, ink spills and paper balls in the classrooms, and broken test tubes in the chemistry laboratory.

Only professional school cleaners can handle excessive untidiness at the end of a school day. Some school managements argue that there is no point in keeping the premises clean since the students are bound to dirtying it every day.

We believe that a clean school environment is vital to the well-being of students.

Let us walk you through the benefits of a clean and hygienic environment:

Student-friendly Surroundings

Considering that children need to look into their books and listen to lectures for at least seven hours a day, a clean environment is indispensable to make the classrooms student-friendly.

Did you know that a dirty facility could negatively impact students’ classroom performance? That’s why it’s not surprising that students in clean educational institutes maintain higher grades. If you desire to see numerous ‘A’ grades, you can’t neglect to keep the school and classroom premises clean.

Teacher-friendly Premises

Let us imagine that you endorse school cleaning only once a week. In such instances, your teachers whom you’ve employed to teach would be forced to take up janitorial roles.

It is very common for teachers to arrive at schools earlier than students and leave the premises much later than them. While in schools that employ effective cleaning services, teachers use the extended work hours to discuss how to improvise on pedagogy methods to generate better results, the teachers of your institute will be picking up Snicker wrappers and paper flights.

When you ignorantly force your teachers to act like janitors, you can be sure that their enthusiasm for coming to the workplace would be tarnished.

It is high time that school managements realised the importance of school cleaning. It is unfair to push janitor jobs to your teachers. If you’ve been ignorant of this issue, now is the right time to take the right decision. Your school needs cleaning on an everyday basis. Take it seriously, and give your teachers a happy environment to work in.

Health-friendly Space

A clean school environment would mean a hygiene learning space. You will be able to reduce both student and teacher absentee rate. With the help of a professional hand, you will be able to ensure that your school premises are sanitised and disinfected all days. So, you’ll no longer need to worry about those under your roof falling prey to flu on account of uncleanliness in school.

Equipment-friendly Rooms

Did you know that professional cleaning services offer packages that ensure the cleanliness of air ducts, floor drains, kitchen and laboratory equipment?

While this benefit is greatly overlooked by many schools, one can’t deny the fact that such services enhance the operatory and mechanical performance of the school equipment. If you would be willing to roll out a little cash on cleaning, you would not have to roll out big cash in buying new equipment each semester.

Freshness-friendly Restrooms

At schools, children are taught to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. When they put this bit of advice into practice, as Newton’s third law of motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, water in the tummy acts to come out of the system.

But if children must respond to nature’s call, they must have clean restrooms where they need not fear toxic smells and unpleasant sights.

Only professional cleaning services can offer a potty-friendly environment. You must help children feel comfortable to use school lavatories lest they wet their pants because the washrooms are awful to use.

Employ a Professional Hand Today

At Superking Cleaning, we are committed to giving your students and teachers, a clean and hygienic environment. Our skilled cleaners with quantum knowledge of professional school cleaning eagerly await to make your school premises sparkly. With eco-friendly and advanced cleaning technology, we offer the following school cleaning package:

  • Routine Trash Removals and Sanitation Protocols
  • Locker, and Restrooms Deep Cleaning And Stocking
  • Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Dusting and Vacuuming
  • Cafeteria, Kitchen, and Lunchroom Cleaning

Our other speciality packages include:

  • Daycare Cleaning Service
  • Preschool/Kindergarten Cleaning Services
  • Elementary Schools Janitorial Services
  • Middle Schools Janitorial Services
  • Junior Highs Janitorial Services
  • High Schools Janitorial Services

Choose which package suits you best. Give us a call today, and let us make your schools shine bright.

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