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Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Tiles have found its way into our homes and offices since time immemorial. Tiles have been an integral part of kitchens and bathrooms but recent trends have witness other floors of the living space being covered in tiles. Not only do they add a charm of cleanliness but they also have zero stain tolerance, look pretty and free of any mites. Neither does dust deposit on the surface easily. The ease of cleaning a tile on a regular basis is super easy and does not really consume much time. But, is the maintenance easier said than done?

The grout factor

The tiles are switched together using grout, an adhesive material that is responsible for keeping tiles in place and prevents chipping or breaking of the tile’s edge. While maintaining tiles is simple, it is often the grout that is vulnerable to stains, decolouration and even wear. This ruins the visual appearance of tiles and also houses dust, first and disease causing micro-organisms. This way, overall health of tiles becomes highly vulnerable to staining, damage and chipping.

Maintaining the grout

Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent staining, dirt retention and microbial colonisation on the tiles and in the grout. The routine keeps the tile in good health and  prevents excessive damage from happening. Indulging in cleaning activities like mopping, buffing and sweeping ensures minimum dust and dirt deposition on the tile’s surface and even in the layer of grout.

Why Superking Cleaning can take care of your tiles and grout cleaning

Reaching out to the corners on a daily basis is difficult. Cleaning done at home does eliminate bacterial growth for some time but the resurgence is often strong. Professional cleaning by Superking Cleaning ensures this resurgence doesn’t happen and puts use of practical methods that are safe and actually does the cleaning without leaving behind any chemical residue.

The Superking’s Cleaning promise:

  • Your tiles will last longer. A touch of professional cleaning adds more life to the tiles
  • The tiles actually look new. Regular cleaning does maintain the tiles, but professional cleaning rubs off every layer of stain, first and dust that has been sitting on the tile for ages
  • Grout is porous and houses millions of bacteria and other micro-organisms that can cause serious health conditions. Professional cleaning uses technologically advanced equipments that can effectively suck out and cleanse the deepest of pores
  • Superking Cleaning uses tile friendly cleaners that does not produces fumes and cause ceramic corrosion. This way, your tiles remain in good health
  • Professional cleaning services by Superking are affordable and save your time. Our experts know exactly the care the tiles in your living space require and we absolutely deliver that

While tiles add beauty to your living space, their maintenance is super important. With Superking Cleaning, your tiles smile bright and are always free of bacteria!

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