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Window Cleaning

Be it the windows of commercial or residential property, you need the right tools and skillset to ensure that your windows are restored to their former glory. We believe that only a trained hand such as Superking Cleaning would be equipped to accomplish such a feat.

Let us bring it to light that our professional window cleaners are equipped with novel cleaning technology that guarantees sparkling windows. If you used ordinary residential cleaning products, you would have observed watermarks and visible streaks after cleaning. But, when we clean your windows, we utilise water fed pole and filtration systems that purify the cleaning water with constant feed to the glass surface. Thus, our cleaning end-result is nothing less than glossy windows.

We assure you of timely and quality cleaning at an affordable package at Superking Cleaning!

Let us walk you through the window cleaning services we offer at Superking Cleaning.

Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning Services

Many cleaning agencies offer exterior window cleaning. But stains and smears become visible once the exterior window surfaces undergo professional cleaning. Here’s where Superking Cleaning offers a remarkable service. We offer inside and out window cleaning at an affordable cost to ensure your windows are glistening inside and out.

We Brighten Your Property

Pollutants and dirt such as finger marks, smears, hair, cooking grime accumulate on window surfaces over time. This prevents natural light from entering your property. But, by cleaning your windows inside and out, we remove all dirt to ensure the passage of natural light to brighten your property.

Our Cleaners Are Trustworthy

Our professional cleaners are equipped to clean all types of property windows. Be it a small work office or a multi-storied tech complex, be it a small two-bedroom flat or a large six-bedroom villa with multiple floors, our cleaners are trained to clean efficiently and are equipped with modern technology for quality results. Moreover, you will feel comfortable around our window cleaners since they are all punctual, dedicated, polite, and friendly.

We Are EquippedWith Reach & Wash Window Cleaning System

In the reach and wash window cleaning system, we use a water-fed pole that’s attached with a soft brush at the terminal point. This cleaning system filters the cleaning water and removes all chemicals. Thus, we use only pure water that’s devoid of all chemicals to ensure that your windows are shiny and free of streaks.

We Generate Long-lasting Results

In the reach and wash system we use de-ionised water, that is, water that has no static charge, pure, and devoid of chemicals. This results in quicker water runoff, thus, preventing watermarks and eliciting cleaner windows for a longer duration of time.

We Reduce Risk

Reaching windows at an elevated place pose safety threats especially in traditional window cleaning mechanisms. But, with our reach and wash system, our cleaners are stationed at the ground level and with the help of telescopic fibreglass poles, they clean windows to up to twenty-one meters of height from the ground itself.

We Offer Special Care to Older Windows

Leaded or stained glass windows are not dampproof. So, the reach and wash system would have the potentiality to damage these old windows. To attend to such special cases, we endorse traditional cleaning mechanisms so that cleaning is much delicate and effectual.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

At Superking Cleaning, we understand the importance of running a hassle-free business, and that’s why our team is up round the clock to fit in your cleaning around your business schedule. We thus ensure little interruption to your business activities.

We Operate Flexibly

Businesses desire to schedule their cleanings with minimal interruptions to their regular activities. We fulfil this desire by being open to flexible bookings. We are available day and night to rearrange your appointment timings.

Traditional Window Cleaning Services

Though we use modern technology such as the reach and wash system, in some special cases traditional cleaning proves efficient. To attend to specialist windows and meet client’s special requests, we offer traditional window cleaning services.

We Attend to Client Requests

In certain instances, clients prefer traditional cleaning to reach and wash systems. That’s because they want us to treat their specialist windows with utmost care. We delight in meeting our clients’ special requests, which is why we offer traditional window cleaning services.

We Succor In First Impressions

First impressions need to be the best for the seamless operation of any business. Our cleaning service ensures this benefit for your business by making your windows spotless and wows your customers even before they step inside your doors.

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Superking Cleaning stands as a reputed cleaning agency in Australia. We are dedicated and passionate about cleaning. Schedule an appointment with us and let us glisten your windows!

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